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f you are VAT registered, we can zero-rate your orders if shipping outside of the UK. Please provide your VAT number and Country with your application to enable this facility.

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Application Process

Complete our online application form. Proof of Trade will need to be provided as outlined below.

Once your application Form has been recieved, one of our Team Members will be in contact to gather any relevant documentation regarding your Trading.

When we have processed this information we will then send you on your log in details to place your Trade Orders.

After acceptance, using your login details, you can now access all of the brilliant benefits that come with a Heatingshop Trade Account.

Spend up to €2,000 save 10%

Spend €2,000 – €3,000 save 12.5%

Spend over €3,000 save 15%

Discounts automatically applied at checkout. Not valid with any other offers.


To confirm that you are eligible to open a Heatingshop Trade Account, you will need to provide some information as proof of your trade status. This can be emailed to us at We accept the following:

  • Company Registration Number
  • AT Registration Number
  • GAS SAFE Number

If you are unable to supply any of the details provisional required please email and we will organise the revision of the following documentation:

  • A recent invoice for work you have completed
  • Any membership details of other trade accounts that are held in your name

These can be emailed to


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