Coolflow DTX 25L Inhibited Glycol


High-Efficiency Non-Toxic Glycol Antifreeze and Heat Transfer Fluid for Refrigeration and HVAC systems.

Based on Ethylene Glycol blended with patented DeTox™ additive and inhibited with BS6580 & ASTM D1384 proven Corrosion, Scale and Biological Inhibitors to protect metals commonly found in chillers, air conditioners and refrigeration systems. Used by many large dairy and bakery chains as a more efficient alternative to USP, EP,  BP, & food grade propylene glycol.

CoolFlow DTX has been specially formulated as a secondary refrigerant antifreeze and exploits the advantages of Ethylene Glycol – whilst delivering a non-toxic solution. Specifically;

  • More efficient heat transfer.
  • Easier to pump, especially at low temperatures.
  • Less volume for the same freeze protection.

CoolFlow DTX is miscible with water in all proportions and can protect Refrigeration and HVAC systems down to -50°C depending on concentration. All our ground & air source heat pump fluids are manufactured in accordance with certified ISO9001-2008 procedures.

Weight 25 kg

Coolflow DTX 25L Inhibited Glycol Data Sheet


Coolflow DTX 25L Inhibited Glycol Data Sheet