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Current Transformer

Electric Car Chargers

If you would like to see real-time generation from your solar/wind system displayed on the LCD display of your product. You’ll need an additional CT. (additional option)

Eddi Solar Power Diverter

Electric Car Chargers

eddi is a solar power diverter for use with grid-tied PV or wind turbine systems. Excess energy from the micro-generation system is used to heat water or rooms rather than exporting it to the grid.

myenergi – Harvi Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor

Electric Car Chargers

No power source is needed for harvi – the energy from the CT is harvested and used to transmit the measurement signal to the zappi or eddi.

myenergi – Hub

Electric Car Chargers

Remotely control & monitor your myenergi devices

Relay & Sensor Board for Eddi

Electric Car Chargers

eddi has the option to install a Relay & Sensor board, this allows for many different wiring configurations

Zappi EV Charge Point 22kW

Electric Car Chargers

No PV? No Problem!! If you don’t have a PV system, zappi can still operate like an ordinary EV charging station importing from the grid. You can always add your solar/wind system later.