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- Heat emitters type::


Under Floor Heating

Fan Coils

Details of existing cylinder if any:

Existing heat source if any:

Is this going to be the primary source of heating

Is there going to be any supplementary heating, wood burners, solar etc please describe:

Please include a Floor plan of the property showing suggested locations of the major components to include the items below – a simple hand drawn sketch will survice.

• Proposed Heat pump location

• Location of consumer unit supply relative to heat pump

• Proposed location of Buffer tank / Cylinder / manifolds relative to heat pump

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Is the property built to current building regs? If not, please answer the following:

- Ground Floor construction:

• Solid

• Insulted


• Roof insulation in mm:

- Wall construction:

• Solid

•Cavity wall

• Insulated?

•Type / Thickness?

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