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We offer a bespoke service to suit all project requirements

At heating shop we have spent the last few years trying to perfect a renewable energy solution for apartment projects. We have been working closely along side property developers to create a solution that meet all of their requirements and beyond.

With our complete service of design, delivery and install we have provided a renewable energy solution for thousands of apartments and development project across the UK and Ireland. With the experience we have gained we are able to bring you the best possible renewable energy solution for all.

Enviroair Heat Pump


The Firebird range is the most advanced Monoblock heat-pump inverter technology on the market today. Using a state of the art Control system it produces a seasonal efficiency of over an impressive 500%.


As an air to water unit, this heat-pump should be externally installed. By extracting ambient air, hot water is produced for your heating system and domestic hot water supply.

The vast Firebird product range enables this unit to be fit for purpose of limitless square footage.


Optimum reliability and efficiency delivered through a Hitachi DC Inverter.

Enclosed in a compact modular design cabinet, its aesthetically pleasing design also protects the system from extreme weather conditions and maximises the life span of the heat-pump for up to 20+ years .

Heating, cooling & domestic hot water can all be ran at differentiating temperatures to ensure you get the most out of your heating system.

Built in anti-Legionella, auto defrost and weather compensation system.

Operates extremely quietly at only 47Db.

Complies to MCS, SEAI, SAP Appendix Q, EN14511, EN14825, EN16147, and is KIWA tested and approved.