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Apartment Products

At Heating shop, we have spent the last few years trying to perfect a renewable energy solution for apartment projects. We have been working closely along side property developers to create a solution that meet all of their requirements and beyond.

With our complete service of design, delivery and install we have provided a renewable energy solution for thousands of apartments and development project across the UK and Ireland. With the experience we have gained we are able to bring you the best possible renewable energy solution for all.

AQ-R BiBlock Heat Pump

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The AQ-R BiBlock heat pump system is designed to provide 24/7 year-round heating, hot water & ventilation with a seasonal efficiency of 515%.


Taking energy from the outside air just like a standard air to water heat-pump, this unit can be fitted by taking pipework through to the outside.

Alternatively, it could also be positioned in a heat waste area such as a boiler room, loft, kitchen or cellar.


Powered by 2.36kw/ 3.8kw GMCC Rotary Heat-pump compressor with a max power input of only 467watts/ 726watts.

Available in 160L hot water cylinder and a 60L buffer tank, models also come with a built in automatic anti-Legionella cycle.

This unit has an operating range of -20c to +42c ambient air temperatures.

Hosts a backup- hot water element of up to 2.5kw and a heating back up to 2.5kw.

Built in AISI 318 stainless steal.

Heats hot water up to 60c.

Complies to MCS, SEAI, SAP Appendix Q, EN14511, EN14825, EN16147 and is KIWA tested and approved.